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Knocking Over the Pop Machine Thumbnail

Knocking Over the Pop Machine

One of the best parts about accepting that the market is mostly efficient and investing accordingly is it allows you to have a much better overall investment experience. If you own a super-diversified, low-cost portfolio of index funds/ETF's you don't need to sit up at night wondering if you are in the right stocks, or if you should sell and get out of the market because you are worried about the next negative economic event. You can embrace the fact that the markets will rise and fall, that you "own the haystack", and that you have aligned your portfolio properly with your goals.

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What can I do with RESP funds if my child doesn’t use them? Thumbnail

What can I do with RESP funds if my child doesn’t use them?

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP’s) are a very popular and useful way to help a loved one pay for their post-secondary education. In many cases the beneficiary of the RESP, a child or close family member, graduates high school and uses the funds in pursuit of a college diploma or a university degree. But sometimes, life changes and the beneficiary of that RESP account no longer needs the money for their education. This situation leaves the RESP holders wondering - what else they can we do with this RESP account? In this post, I offer some alternatives for families that are faced with this question.

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Buy and Hold....For Retirees? Thumbnail

Buy and Hold....For Retirees?

In this video, I challenge the assumption that retirees should avoid all volatility in their retirement portfolios. I look at a retiree who began retirement in 2008 with a 60% stock / 40% bond portfolio, and compared their withdrawal experience with another retiree who held only cash or short term fixed income estimates.

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When Should I Begin Taking CPP? Thumbnail

When Should I Begin Taking CPP?

The decision of when to begin receiving Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits can have a huge impact on your retirement income plan. In this video, I walk through the CPP benefit at a high level, and talk about the factors that weigh on the decision of when to begin drawing your CPP.

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