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Buy and Hold....For Retirees? Thumbnail

Buy and Hold....For Retirees?

In this video, I challenge the assumption that retirees should avoid all volatility in their retirement portfolios. I look at a retiree who began retirement in 2008 with a 60% stock / 40% bond portfolio, and compared their withdrawal experience with another retiree who held only cash or short term fixed income estimates.

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When Should I Begin Taking CPP? Thumbnail

When Should I Begin Taking CPP?

The decision of when to begin receiving Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits can have a huge impact on your retirement income plan. In this video, I walk through the CPP benefit at a high level, and talk about the factors that weigh on the decision of when to begin drawing your CPP.

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Playing Catch Up on Retirement Savings Thumbnail

Playing Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Do you feel like you're behind on your retirement savings? If so, you are in good company. 32% of Canadians aged 45-64 have $0 saved up for retirement. 53% of Canadians don't know if they are saving enough. In this short video, I offer some positive steps that you can take if you feel like you are behind on your retirement savings.

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