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Getting Started

Getting Started

Below is a process I use to us both help determine if we are a fit to work together.  There is no cost or obligation taken on you by going through this process.

15-30 minute introductory phone call   

This call gives us both a chance to figure out whether my expertise is a match for your situation.  If there isn't a good fit, I am glad to refer you to another firm who better suits your needs.

You can schedule a call here using a link to my calendar - Introductory Call

First Meeting

The goal of this meeting is to discuss your goals and for me to get a better understanding of your unique situation.  This discussion, along with the documents that I will ask you to provide, will guide my analysis.


Based on our discussions and the information you provided, I will prepare an analysis of your financial situation.  The analysis will provide answers to your key retirement questions, including: 


What kind of income can I expect to have in retirement?

How much should I plan to save to make it happen?  

Am I overpaying in taxes?  

Are there risks to my financial plan that need to be addressed proactively?

Second Meeting

In this meeting I will present the answers to the questions above for your unique situation, as simply and clearly as possible.  I will outline what I would do if you hired me to be your advisor.  I will then ask you to think it over.

Think it Over   

We do not want to rush you, this is an important decision.  As you think it over consider the following:  

Do I think I could work with Mark for a long time?  

Do his recommendations and investment philosophy make sense to me?  

Do the benefits of Mark's services outweigh their costs?

Third Meeting 

In this meeting we will complete the necessary steps for you to become a client.  If you have any remaining questions, we will discuss them before we proceed.

If at the end of this process you decide you don't want to proceed, there are no hard feelings.  There will be no hard-sell or pressure to say yes.

Ready to get started? Reach out to me any time.