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Retire Me - Episode 4 - How Do I Build a Portfolio for Retirement? Thumbnail

Retire Me - Episode 4 - How Do I Build a Portfolio for Retirement?

Welcome to Retire Me Episode 4!

Welcome to Episode 4 of Retire Me

Today we talk about building a portfolio for retirement and touch on such topics as:

  • why the portfolio you have before retirement as you are working and saving should look different than the one you bring into retirement
  • the role of stocks and bonds in their portfolio
  • the impact of volatility on your portfolio as you are saving and its impact when you are beginning to draw income from your portfolio
  • why time and earning an income and having the ability to save are superpowers
  • why you should increase you bond allocation as you approach retirement
  • what is a reasonable asset allocation for retirees
  • how to handle large one-time expenses in retirement
  • The 4% withdrawal rule and it's usefulness going forward
  • When you might be able to take less or more than 4%
  • Why flexibility and constantly checking your retirement portfolio against your goals and needs is critical in retirement

Resources Discussed in this Episode:

Bill Bengen - Wikipedia Page

Walhout Financial Model Portfolio's and Historical Results

Stock and Bond Historical Prices Chart - CRSP

Canadian Couch Potato Portfolios for Do It Yourself Investors

Thank you for listening!


The information in this material is not intended as investment, tax, or legal advice.  Please consult your advisor or tax professionals.