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Introducing Efficient Markets Thumbnail

Introducing Efficient Markets

Efficient Markets

If you refreshed your podcast player this morning, you may have noticed the change in the title of the show.  On today's episode I will walk through what's changing for the podcast and what you can expect going forward.

Reasons for the change:

  • Client shift
    1. many of my clients are approaching retirement, but many aren’t
    2. lots of great financial planning questions that I answer that I’d like to spend more time on here
  • Format shift
    1. I got feedback from friends and family, and to a person they encouraged me to shorten the episodes, and make them simpler
    2. So going forward, expect episodes more frequently, at least once a week but likely twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays, starting next week.
  • Reflection of my day to day
    1. On a daily basis, I field a lot more investment questions than any other type of question, so I think my podcast should be a reflection of that
    2. The financial advice I give is non-controversial, BUT, still only a very small percentage of Canadians invest the way I recommend they invest – in an evidence-based way. I think I need to tell that story more.
  • The name?
    1. Efficient Markets was a video series I did a few months back
    2. It describes the bedrock of my investing approach, which is the belief that markets are mostly efficient and we should act accordingly
    3. Efficient is also the way I would like to make these podcasts going forward – shorter, more frequent, and to the point

What’s not changing:

  • It’s still me, talking to you – just more frequently but for shorter periods
  • There will still be discussion about financial planning and retirement topics, just a little bit less of those and more questions and answers about investing
  • The music – I told my wife Sarah that I was changing the name of the show, and she said I had to keep the music, it’s like my trademark – so I hope you enjoy the music!

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode and I will speak with you next time.