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36.  A Look Back at 2020 and 2 Big Lessons for Investor Thumbnail

36. A Look Back at 2020 and 2 Big Lessons for Investor

Welcome to Episode 36 of Retire Me, and Happy New Year!

In today's episode I share 2 lessons that I re-learned in 2020

1) The market cannot be timed

2) Don't mix your investing decisions with politics

From there I talk about 2 charts that should help long-term investors keep perspective.  

In the long run, I believe that we will find our way through our current issues because we always have.  I also describe how the decision to invest in stocks vs. bonds, or value stocks, or small cap stocks, are all about playing the numbers in the long run.  

Disclaimer - This podcast is for informational purposes only.  Please consult with a financial advisor familiar with your unique financial situation before making any decisions.  Nothing in this broadcast constitutes a solicitation for the sale or purchase of any securities.  Any mentioned rates of return are historical or hypothetical in nature and are not a guarantee of future returns.  Mark Walhout is the owner and lead financial advisor at Walhout Financial and an Investment Fund Representative at Investia Financial Services Inc.