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35. Mortgage Decisions with Nino Notarandrea Thumbnail

35. Mortgage Decisions with Nino Notarandrea

Welcome to Episode 35 of Retire Me!

I interviewed Nino Notarandrea, a Mobile Mortgage Specialist from RBC.  Nino has been a mortgage professional for many years, and he is a go-to person for me whenever I have questions about mortgages that I need help with.

We talk about:

  • how Nino got started in the mortgage industry
  • things that have surprised Nino about the mortgage market in 2020
  • considerations for people who have a mortgage but may want to take advantage of lower rates
  • the decision between fixed and variable rates and his personal approach
  • considerations for parents who want to help their children buy homes, and how signing onto a child's mortgage can impact you
  • what he would change about the mortage industry

And, much much more!

Nino can be contacted at: 

Nino Notarandrea 

Mobile Mortgage Specialist | Royal Bank of Canada | Transit #01312 | 95 Lynden Road, Brantford, ON,  N3R 7J9 |T. 519 580 6913 |W: mortgage.rbc.com/nino.notarandrea

Thanks for listening, and Happy New Year!