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Why Work with Me?

When you work with me, you'll have an advocate who understands:

Professional Financial Advice and Support:

I deliver financial strategies that are tailored to the needs of clients.  I adhere to the standards set out by Canada's financial advice standard-setter the Financial Planning Standards Council.  I believe the highest value that an advisor can bring to his or her clients is building a plan for them and helping them stick to that plan through good and bad times.

Evidence-Based Investing:

I believe in evidence-based investing, and encourage clients away from behaviors that will hurt them in the long run – like trying to pick hot stocks, the next hot fund manager, or calling market tops or bottoms.  The evidence overwhelmingly shows that investing in a low-cost, broadly-diversified portfolio and staying the course produces a superior result for investors in the long run.

Executive Pay:

Professionals, especially in high-tech, often receive compensation in non-salary forms like commission, employee stock options, deferred stock compensation, and bonuses. I can help you analyze the details of your program, how and when you benefit from it, and how this compensation flows into your personal planning.

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Services & Fees