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Why Work with Me?

When you work with me, you'll have an advocate who understands:

Professional Financial Advice and Support:

I deliver financial strategies that are tailored to the needs of clients and outline them in a way that is understandable and actionable.  I adhere to the processes and standards laid out by the Financial Planning Standards Council.  Proper analysis of your financial situation and objectives is always a precursor to investment implementation.

Evidence-Based Investing:

I believe in evidence-based investing, which is also known as passive (or "index") investment management.  There is a mountain of historical and academic evidence demonstrating that passive investing beats active management over the long term, yet the financial services industry in Canada continues to sell actively managed products to clients.  Passive management lowers intermediary costs and delivers clients with their fair share of the returns for investing their money in the capital markets.

Reasonable Fees:

A significant part of the reason that traditional actively managed investment strategies have failed is due to their high fees - paid to manufacturers and distributors of these products.  Differences in long-term wealth through investing in the capital markets is massively impaired when fees for both investments and advice are high.  I am diligent to make sure that advice fees are in line with professional services rendered and value delivered to clients.  We will not push this discussion into the corner.  We will have it early and regularly when we are working together. 

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